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Project – Municipality of Mount Lebanon

balance your structure in nature.

Municipality of Mount Lebanon

Large-scale execution for public
gardens, roads, walkways
Area 10,000 m2

As urban expansion takes over, little green spaces are left available for the people of Beirut, rendering public spaces one of two kinds: a place of clash or a place of convergence. Upon municipal request, aiming to renovate the city entrance, walkways, roundabouts, and main/sub roads through new and improved urban guidelines, the mission was to recreate all the streetscape. In addition to implementing sidewalks, that some of them were previously non-existent, the design provided more facility zones and gave priority to pedestrian. Roads, walkways and roundabouts: our professional team executed all the landscaping works for the airport area and the public streets, walkways and roundabouts of the area. The vegetation was carefully selected to ensure that it would thrive in the local climate, soil, and other environmental factors. The kind of the plants, the spacing, the size and shape of the trees area around the trunk were deliberately considered in a manner that encouraged growth and health. Other aspects were considered to insure safe navigation for drivers. Public Garden: A green breathing space alleviates the congested atmosphere of the capital through well placed children's playgrounds and water gardens that are surrounded by Jacaranda, Pine and Poplar trees. Love birds in artful cages are dispersed throughout this public garden that includes an open-air amphitheater suitable for accommodating various special events.